Evaluation of the on-board behaviour of EUROSTAR trains

juillet 2024

Evaluation of the on-board behaviour of EUROSTAR trains according to several Change Requests of [ERA_BCA_B3R2] and [ERA_BCA_Art10_2020].


Prorail, responsible for managing the Dutch national rail infrastructure, plans to integrate B3R2 into its infrastructure. To guarantee optimal operation of future trains on the Dutch network, PRORAIL is asking rail operators to assess the behaviour of their ERTMS on-board units on this future infrastructure.

In order to ensure the continuity of its traffic in the Netherlands, Eurostar must meet the technical requirements set out in the ERA documents [ERA_BCA_B3R2] and [ERA_BCA_Art10_2020], which will be implemented in the future evolution of the Dutch trackside.

In collaboration with its on-board supplier, Eurostar has carried out an initial study into the functional behaviour of the ERTMS/TVM Bi-Standard fitted to its trains. This study revealed that several requirements (CRs) needed further investigation, to guarantee the Dutch infrastructure manager safety and interoperability between its trains and the track.

To continue examining functional behaviour, Eurostar asked Try&Cert’s ERTMS France Laboratory to carry out additional laboratory tests to assess the future behaviour of its trains.

By choosing the LEF to carry out these laboratory tests, Eurostar has been able to provide the infrastructure manager with evidence for de-risking at a very early stage in the implementation of trackside upgrades. This modelling approach enabled EUROSTAR to minimise both the costs and timescales of the study.